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Federal licenses validate your skills and allow you to reach cycle 3 for competition or training tandem pilot see instruction management.

The exam valid pilot's red level (see your progression book).

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The club MosAiles has a delegation of Lorraine FreeFlight League for the organization of the theoretical part of the pilot's license (blue level) and the theoretical part of the Pilots confirmed (brown plane).

The "new pilot" formula created in 1999 is both serious and user-friendly.

Each year, the day of the Beaujolais Nouveau, the theoretical parts of these patents are organized in the village hall of Zoufftgen (Moselle village on the Luxembourg border) at the right of the town hall (GPS: N 49 ° 27 "45s / E 06 ° 08 "00s)

18:30 Reception of the candidates.
19:00 Test of the FFVL patent (60 questions whose answers you will find on TAG "Download")
20:00 Beaujolais dinatoire test (free for club members, patent candidats and donors)

After the effort, the comfort: latest copies made, all participants are invited to taste the local produce and wine.

To prepare for the confirmed pilot license, we advise you to download and read the document on this page:

To facilitate administrative preparation, and if you are a candidate, please:
- register on this page
- bring your FFVL license

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QCM 1 paragliding pilot patent

Quiz No. 1 paragliding pilot's license

Download (110.67k)

QCM 2 paragliding pilot patent

Quiz No. 2 paragliding pilot's license

Download (110.39k)

QCM 3 paragliding pilot patent

Quiz No. 3 paragliding pilot's license

Download (112.61k)

Correction QCM-1 PP patent

Correction No. 1 paragliding pilot's license

Download (71.06k)

Correction QCM-2 PP patent

Correction No. 2 paragliding pilot's license

Download (71.28k)

Correction QCM-3 PP patent

Correction No. 3 paragliding pilot's license

Download (71.38k)

QCM response Grid FFVL

Paragliding pilot's license QCM Response Grid

Download (12.26k)