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↓ Objectives: fly freely
↓ Insurance: pilot and club
↓ Licenses : CLUB, FFVL and / or FFPLUM


Objectives: fly freely

Voler en toute liberté

The MosAiles association, founded in November 1992, has for objectiv to practice flight in its various forms: paragliding, paramotor , kite and others. Its duration is unlimited. It has its headquarters in the City of Zoufftgen.




Insurance: Pilots and clubs

To allow each member to get covered throughout the year, Civil Liability Insurance and Individual Accident Aerial, are issued by the club.

The club itself is covered for liability in the events it organizes.


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Licenses: Club, FFVL et FFPLUM

Les fédérations

To represent and defend better our activities against the administrative and commercial lobbies, each pilot may join one or more aeronautical Federations ( FFPLUM or FFVL ). When a pilot takes a license in a federation, the club offers him a membership discount.