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↓ Differences between school and club training
↓ Differences between theoretical paragliding license and theoretical paramotor license
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Differences between school and club training

Difference entre stage ecole et stage club
 Club training
School training
Organised byA club member
a professional
Supervised by one or more professionals monitorsyesyes
Financial assistance from the Statepossibleno
Participantsclub members
school clients and club members

SIV traineeship
Parachute release traineeship
Paramotor license in 2 days

Initiation courses
Parachute release courses
Paramotor license in 2 days


Respect the work of the volunteer organizer and be indulgent about possible malfunctions





Differences between theoretical paragliding license and theoretical paramotor license

 theoretical paragliding license
theoretical paramotoring license
Organised byClub MosAilesGeneral Direction of Civil Aviation
FréquencyOnce per year on the day of Beaujolais NouveauApproximately every month
Registeronline on this sitecontact MosAiles school or DGAC
Nomber of participantslimitedlimited


Differences entre brevets parapente et paramoteur
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How to organize a training course?

organiser une sortie ou un stageAll members of the club can organize a training course .

Here is an organization type
- Check that there are some people interested
- Possibly Making a grant application
- Contact supervisors or instructors ( MosAiles the school or other structure )
- Set a date
- Place an ad on the Forum to include all relevant information (date of the course, the driver level, means of transport, accommodations , prices, conditions of withdrawal ... )

The process is the same for other club activities ( output club amenities websites) that do not necessarily need professional supervisors .



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