Legal Notice Club

Headquarters address

town hall 57330 Zoufftgen

The address for the mail:

51 rue de la gare
57330 Zoufftgen
TEL : 06 61 202 203


N° FFVL : 04651
N° FFPLUM:  05715

To fly, you need insurance but also :

  • the authorization of your spouse
  • your boss's permission (good weather when you're at work)

In order of importance

If you practice paragliding in the mountains, we strongly recommend a blue level (see my level on your account).

Nobody can prevent you from going there after an introductory course (see even without an introductory course). Keep in mind, however, that the risk is inversely proportional to the experience.

If you are a paramotor, you need a patent, but thanks to the engine you can easily extract yourself from the shit in which you can put yourself.

Warning : even if you do not have any authorization to ask your instructor, do not forget that your actions necessarily impact the image of the school in which you have learned, the club in which you are registered and the paraglider or not) in general.