The local paragliding school slopes and takeoff


Place nameThe WittenParagliding starting place Algrange
Position GPSLat 49.359331°
Long 6.045014°
Orientation miniOuest
Orientation MaxiNord-Ouest
Difference in altitude100m
Pilot levelOrange to Red (Speed bar highly recommended)
Manager:Club MosAiles
For who:Paragliding: yes / Paramotor: no

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Access TakeoffIn Algrange, take rue du cimetière and then left, rue du Witten, go straight on in the rue de la cerisaie and then go up the road that goes left. 300m further away is parking for your car
DimensionsDim SO-NE: 800m

This platform has been the subject of a convention passed with the concervatory of the sites which authorizes the access only to pilots insured and invited by the club MosAiles.

Last known distance record 70km more info here...