Place nameThe WittenDécollage parapente Algrange
GPS PositionLat 49.359331°
Long 6.045014°
Orientation miniOuest
Orientation MaxiNord-Ouest
Difference in altitude80m
Pilote levelOrange to Red (Speed bar highly recommended)
ManagerClub MosAiles
For who?Paragliding: yes / Paramotor: no

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Access TakeoffIn Algrange, take rue du cimetière and then left, rue du Witten, go straight on in the rue de la cerisaie and then go up the road that goes left. 300m further away is parking for your car.
DimensionsDim SO-NE: 800m

This platform has been the subject of a convention passed with the concervatory of the sites which authorizes the access only to pilots insured and invited by the club MosAiles.

Saint Jean Rohrbach

Place nameSaint Jean Rohrbach code LF5758Décollage parapente-paramoteur Saint Jean Rohrbach
GPS Position49°N 02' 05,8"
006°E 51' 49,5"
Orientation miniAll directions
Orientation MaxiAll directions
Difference in altitude10m
Pilote levelWhite to Red
ManagerEcole et club MosAiles
For who?Paragliding: yes / Paramotor: yes / Cerf-volant: yes

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Access TakeoffAt Saint Jean Rohrbach, take the road towards Leyviller (rue du moulin), 1km after the exit of Saint Jean Rohrbach and 100m after 2 bends in S, follow the path on the right. See plan by clicking here.
DimensionsDim E-O: 140,00 m Dim N-S: 300,00 m

This platform was the subject of an opening prefectoral order issued by the Prefecture of Metz on 31 August 2007.
Only the MosAiles school can offer training sessions at this place.
The pilots of all associations are welcome as long as they are in good standing with the administration (patent + insurance).


Place nameThe HetschenbergDécollage parapente Volmerange
GPS PositionLat 49.446763°
Long 6.099716°
Orientation miniSud-Est
Orientation MaxiNord-Est
Difference in altitude100m
Pilote levelOrange to Red
ManagerClub Plein Est
For who?Paragliding: yes

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Access TakeoffIn the "avenue de la liberté" of Volmerange, take the street of the water "rue de l'eau" to the height of the Credit Mutuel. Turn right into Rue de Dudelange and then immediately left into Rue de Zoufftgen. Cross the forest. You arrive at a parking.
DimensionsDim N-S: 75m

This platform is complicated to see dangerous in cross wind.
Landing at the top is only permitted on the 75x7m belt delimiting take-off.
Pilots of all associations are welcome as long as they are insured.


This starting place is in the R45N3 Zone (800ASCF / 2700ASFC) of the Very Low Altitude Network used by the military aircraft.
When this zone is activated, flights should not be above 240m above ground level (QFE Max 800 feet)

To check if the zone is active, go to the website and look for "AZBA Cards". The direct link for AZBA cards is

Note: Times are displayed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). To obtain the local time of activation add 1 h in winter and 2 h in summer.

The Vosges

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