Un plafond plus haut à Conz les Bains

Published : 01/13/2018 15:30:00
Categories : The MosAiles association

Un plafond plus haut à Conz les Bains

A roof that goes from 2500 to 3500 feet

After a year of work, many emails, phone calls and some meetings, the club MosAiles is pleased to inform you that it has obtained the approval of the DAC of Luxembourg (Civil Aviation Department) to raise the minimum ceiling of the Luxembourg TMA 3 which passes over the takeoff of Contz les Bains.

Tour de contrôle de Luxembourg

From now on, the paragliding pilots who will consider flying a distance from Contz les Bains, will no longer be bothered by the plafond previously limited to 2500 feet (760m) which passes to 1 February 2018 to 3500 feet (1050m).

TMA 3 Luxembourg Contz les bains

Only constraint :

Inform MosAiles at +336 61 202 203 that a flight of distance will be attempted and remain reachable when needed.