Paragliding in the trees

Published : 02/12/2022 15:00:00
Categories : The MosAiles association

Paragliding in the trees

Images of paragliders in the trees are redundant at the start of each year and 2022 will be no exception to the rule.

Saturday February 12 : first great day of flying on the site of Volmerange les mines and first sail in the trees.s.

These spectacular images that journalists love to increase their prints have never hurt anyone (just a little less self-esteem for the pilot) but it is a duty for our club to remind safety instructions elementary.

How to avoid trees while paragliding :

  • Train at least one morning on the ground before resuming a flying season (especially for those who do not fly in winter).
  • Do not fly when the wind is crosswise and greater than 5 km/h (on the Volmerange site, avoid taking off when the wind is not between 45° and 135°).
  • If you are unsure of the direction of the angle and the strength of the wind, do not take off.
  • Have your glider serviced before resuming flights.

What to do after treeing ?

  • If the pilot is high up, he should not try to descend from the tree alone because that is where he risks getting hurt (better to call the fire department to see the climb).
  • To avoid repetitive calls to the fire switchboard and/or the town hall of the village, it is important to remove the sail quickly from the sight of passers-by. You can contact Mikey on 06 77 00 74 36 who is a master in this job.
  • Pay at least one beer to those who helped you recover your veil.