Knowledge sharing with the 3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment

Published : 06/10/2023 07:00:00
Categories : The MosAiles association

Knowledge sharing with the 3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment

On Friday June 9, the MosAiles club had invited paragliding and paramotor pilots from the region to come and meet representatives of the 3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment to discuss and learn about the constraints of each.

A fruitful exchange of information took place between the two parties, allowing paraglider-paramotor pilots to better understand the operation and constraints of combat helicopters. Likewise, the representatives of the regiment were able to learn more about the specific characteristics of paragliding-paramotor flights.

Discussions then focused on safety aspects, highlighting the importance of communication in the air to prevent airspace conflicts and ensure everyone's safety.

This meeting was a success, allowing information sharing and better mutual understanding.



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