Cumulator 2014-2015: a record year at the club MosAiles

Published : 09/28/2015 22:30:20
Categories : The MosAiles association

Cumulator 2014-2015: a record year at the club MosAiles

4020 pts

This is the number of points accumulated by the MosAiles club members this season.

This is also equivalent in kilometers between Zoufftgen (France) and Medina (Saudi Arabia)!

With group flights, free distances, triangles, site records and still atmosphere at the top, MosAiles saw his best performance year since its inception in 1993.

Congratulations to all for this achievement!
The level of club pilots dramatically increases with the hours of
Practice of course, but also with the involvement of experienced pilots who volunteer their time to help others.

Interactive evenings "Distance and Performance" organized by Fred and Julien with logistical Christophe top level support are the proof.

The 2015-2016 season has just opened a masterful record has been declared on September 3 by Loïc from the site of Contz-les-Bains

Go to 1 year for the reading of the new meter which we all hope will be even better.

All contributions of pilots and engine manufacturers are welcome because exceed the 4020 pts will be a real challenge!

So your sails, ready, fly !!!!