A paraglider pilot landed in their garden

Published : 08/2/2016 19:10:32
Categories : The MosAiles association

A paraglider pilot landed in their garden

Sunday afternoon, August 31, around 17h, a retired couple was before the
TV when a neighbor's phone to inform them that a Paragliding wing has just landed in their garden.
Having suffered the last war, this situation remind them the army parachute landing.

They decide to go to meet the pilot but timidly forward. Arrived a few meters from him, they realize in amazement that the paraglider is none other than their son, Michael Schatz, who had decided to come and visit them by air.

He had taken off 2h earlier from Algrange Hill (next to Thionville) and had to travel 70km with his paraglider, carried by the updrafts.

It must be said that Michael Schatz is an experienced pilot: he began to fly in
1993 and is paragliding instructor at the school for a MosAiles since 2003.

A lovely story which will be discussed for a long time in the cottages of Saint-Jean-Rohrbach.

Here is the track of the flight (click on the camera right in yellow to see the animation: