A new weather station at the club

Published : 02/29/2020 07:00:18
Categories : The MosAiles association

A new weather station at the club

Thanks to our members, the LGEVL association and the Department of Moselle, the MosAiles club has just installed a new weather station which accurately indicates the wind on the side of Kanfen and Zoufftgen.

The station is located 150m below the paraglider takeoff from Kanfen / Volmerange the informations it provides is very practical even if it may be slightly different on takeoff.

Knowing the direction and strength of the wind is important information for all paraglider, paramotor, ultralight and airplane pilots.

The MosAiles club therefore warmly thanks all those who participated in this project.

Here is the link to access the measurements: https://club.mosailes.com/…/conte…/68-balise-meteo-zoufftgen