Coronavirus: Zeit für die Dekonfinierung ist es jetzt?

Veröffentlicht am: 13.05.2020 13:41:17
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Coronavirus: Zeit für die Dekonfinierung ist es jetzt?

It is May 13th and you are officially entitled to fly within 100km (bird's eye view) around your home aber ohne Grenzen zu überschreiten.

Covid-19 : Wer fliegt piano, fliegt Sano, fliegt lontano

Die hauptsächlich wirtschaftlichen Gründe, die die Regierung dazu zwingen, alle wieder an die Arbeit zu bringen, betreffen nicht unseren gemeinnützigen Verein, dessen Mitglieder für ihre Freuden stehlen.

Auch wenn Sie es kaum erwarten können zu fliegen, denken Sie daran, dass die Gefahr immer da ist.

Doctors' opinion:

This week, we called several doctors in the region, all of whom urged us to be very careful (or to remain confined) because the virus is still present and we still have no cure.

Government security guidelines:

    • physical distance of at least one meter between two people.
    • wear masks
    • blow your nose in a disposable tissue to be disposed of immediately in a trash can.
    • avoid touching your face, especially your nose, mouth and eyes.
    • stay within 100km as the crow flies from your home
    • don't change department
    • forbidden to form a group of more than 10 people

Federation safety instructions:

    • shuttles limited to what is strictly necessary
    • 2 to 3 people maximum in a 5-seater vehicle
    • disinfection of the means of transport at each rotation
    • wearing a mask and glasses is compulsory
    • provision of hydroalcoholic gel for cleaning before and after the trip
    • do not scatter the material on the ground
    • only unpack if have stolen part
    • take a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel
    • favor pants and long sleeves
    • use plastic bags (freezing) to isolate the accessories
    • do not exchange equipment with other pilots
    • do not park on the take-off area to avoid too great a density of pilots
    • do not prepare your sail in the take-off area.
    • actions of mutual assistance take precedence over the rules of distancing when safety requires it.
    • Practice with increased safety margins to preserve your integrity and minimize the addition of an additional charge for emergency services and hospital services

Club safety instructions:

If you can remember all the instructions listed above, it will be fine :)